Feeling Stressed?

Feeling Stressed?

Ahh stress!
The joy of living in this modern age. I am sure all of us will know what it feels like to be under stress, feeling anxious or worried or exhausted. As we start on the countdown to Christmas (or is that just me?) our stress levels are guaranteed to rise.

Our body is pretty amazing at adapting to whatever we throw at it, however when we are constantly under stress or rushing around like crazy for months on end, it can send us messages that is not happy with what we are doing. These messages can come up as fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, or a reliance on caffeine to just get through the day – just to name a few.
When we are stressed out or anxious our body quickly burns through our magnesium and our B vitamin reserves (as they are both water soluble it is essential we replace them daily) this makes us feel lethargic, and can also contribute to low mood.

A good quality B vitamin complex is essential for healthy stress management and energy production. The B vitamins help to convert our food into fuel for our body to use which then helps us to feel more energetic throughout the day – super important! As B vitamins help convert your food to fuel it is important you take them with your meals for best results.
Bioceuticals Mega B Q10 is a high dose B complex with the addition of Coenzyme q10 which helps to promote energy. Both the B vitamins and the Q10 are required in the Kreb’s cycle which is where the body gets its cellular energy. This complex also has added Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin D for additional adrenal support and antioxidant action – which is really important in times of stress.

Within the formula we have B6 which is involved in the production of our feel good hormone serotonin and GABA, alongside the above mentioned Co q10 which, as well as giving us energy, also has a strong anti-oxidant activity within the body. Supplementing with Co q10 is important because it is found in all of our high energy tissues/organs like our heart, kidneys, liver, immune system, muscles and also our gums, and when we are stressed we need higher reserves.

Bioceuticals Mega B is easily incorporated into your day. It is a one a day formula and it can be taken alongside our Ultra Muscleze magnesium for superior adrenal and energy support.

To find out more contact your local practitioner, pharmacist or contact 080 451 285.

BioCeuticals - Adrenal Health

Chronic stress and anxiety are recognised as contributors to the pathogenesis of a range of chronic diseases and can lead to decreased quality of life. It is estimated that 75-90% of visits to doctors are due to acute or chronic stress. Chronic stress may suppress both cellular and humoral immunity, which can exacerbate allergy and many kinds of autoimmune disease. The following products may be useful for adrenal health and may assist in the relief of mild anxiety, nervous tension and irritab

BioCeuticals - Antioxidants

BioCeuticals has a range of potent antioxidant formulations to minimise oxidative stress and reduce free radical-induced cellular damage. The range includes CoQ10 which provides nutritional support for healthy heart muscle function and assists in post-exercise recovery processes. CoQ10 is a potent antioxidant that also acts in conjunction with selenium and regenerates vitamin E to protect the body from oxidative stress. Theracurmin helps reduce joint inflammation associated with arthritis.

BioCeuticals - Women's Health

Formulated to support a busy lifestyle Bioceuticals Women's Essentials Range includes comprehensive multivitamin and minerals formulated to provide nutritional support for key women's health concerns: healthy red blood cells, thyroid function, stress, pregnancy, skincare, sleep, healthy glucose metabolism and bone health. The following products may be useful for womens health: Alpha EFA Femmeplex Iron Sustain K2 Capsules Menoplus 8-PN(TM) SB FlorActiv Silica Liquid Sleep Complex Ul

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