Joint Health

Joint Health

As we get older, many of us unfortunately start experiencing joint pain or other similar issues. This might be related to injuries, overuse from physical or repetitive work, sport or conditions such as arthritis.
There are many areas of your lifestyle that you can improve for better joint mobility. For example; light water based exercise is a great way to move your body as being in the water reduces the impact on the joints. Your diet should include mostly Mediterranean style foods e.g. high in good fats like avocadoes, fish and olive oil. An idea would be to reduce the amount of caffeine you consume as it is acidic and can cause further inflammation, and as always it is important to increase your water intake.

If you are finding you need extra support for your joints there are supplements you can take that can help:
Chondroitin is often found in joint supplements as it has been used in studies that have found it improves pain and capacity for those with joint mobility issues. Bioceuticals offer a specific form of chondroitin within their three joint products; chondroitin sulfate (CS-BioActive) this particular form is the most researched being used in 20 randomised trials with 4000 patients. The results showed that people noticed a difference with their pain and mobility within 3 weeks.

Within Bioceuticals Chondrocare Excel, Chondroitin BioActive, and Chondroplex there is also another important ingredient; glucosamine. Glucosamine has been shown to also normalise cartilage metabolism, rebuild damaged cartilage, and also helps to reduce inflammation. Glucosamine also helps to protect from further loss of cartilage, and helps with pain relief and mobility. For those with shell fish allergies Bioceuticals uses only plant derived glucosamine within their products which is also GMO free.

The powerful combination of chondroitin and glucosamine works specifically on cartilage and pain, however Bioceuticals have also added in important co factors (Vitamin C, magnesium, copper, potassium, zinc, manganese and hesperidin) into their Chrondrocare excel to help add more nutritional support for healthy connective tissue and bone mineralisation. Alongside MSM which is a natural source of sulfur which we need to develop and maintain our connective tissue. This formula is so extensive and covers all the areas you need and more.

For more additional relief you could pair your joint supplement with Anti Flamme Joints for topical support (within this formula these is additional glucosamine, chondroitin and green lipped mussel).
Green lipped mussel imparts an anti-inflammatory property within the body, and does so quickly. The mussel also helps to provide relief from swelling, joint aches and cramps.

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