Turmeric & Theracurmin – Why you should consider it.

Turmeric & Theracurmin – Why you should consider it.

I am not sure about you, but to me it seems like that everything these days is bad for us; our diet, our lifestyle our exercise (or lack of) – it can be confusing, and overwhelming.
What I do know as a Naturopath is that even if we think we are doing ok, a general side effect of our modern life is inflammation. In fact many conditions and health issues can be tracked back to the body being in a state of chronic or acute inflammation, and this can occur from processed foods, gut issues, stress or injuries to name a few.
This is why Turmeric is the supplement of the moment – and for very good reason. It has been used for hundreds of years, specifically within Indian culture for its general anti-inflammatory properties.

Unfortunately, just consuming culinary turmeric is not enough for people to obtain the therapeutic effect needed for joint pain relief or chronic and acute inflammation. Turmeric and its active component curcumin are not easily absorbed by the body; it is poorly soluble due to its large particle size. This fact is why taking turmeric as a supplement is becoming more popular – but like with everything not all supplements are equal.

Certain supplements on the market, have added other ingredients to try and increase its bioavailability in order to pass on the therapeutic benefits however they have mixed results.
Bioceuticals Theracurmin is different in both form and stability. Theracurmin 300mg is 8000x stronger than regular curcumin, and due to its unique form, it is highly stable and bioavailable. Theracurmin is made through a process that reduces the curcumin particles by a 100 times its regular size; it is then mixed with a gum and is held in a colloidal suspension which gives its amazing and therapeutic benefits.

Theracurmin can be helpful for many conditions:
Gut issues (IBS, crohns and food sensitivities)
Heart health e.g. reducing cholesterol
Arthritis and pain relief as Theracurmin works within the body in a similar fashion to other anti-inflammation medication however without the side effects (it is gentle on digestion).

Theracurmin is a great addition for everyone as many of us will have an inflammation issue, be it from diet, stress, environmental or lifestyle, and with an exceeding number of clinical trials and research emerging on the major benefits of curcumin it is an easy choice to make.

BioCeuticals - Antioxidants

BioCeuticals has a range of potent antioxidant formulations to minimise oxidative stress and reduce free radical-induced cellular damage. The range includes CoQ10 which provides nutritional support for healthy heart muscle function and assists in post-exercise recovery processes. CoQ10 is a potent antioxidant that also acts in conjunction with selenium and regenerates vitamin E to protect the body from oxidative stress. Theracurmin helps reduce joint inflammation associated with arthritis.

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