Attends for Women

Attends for Women

Attends for Women

Attends has a wide range of discrete products to meet your needs to protect and keep you dry from light to moderate bladder weakness.

Attends incontinence products for light bladder weakness are designed to offer you the protection you need when you lose a few drops or smaller amounts of urine, for example when sneezing, laughing, lifting or running. In the light range Attends offer an assortment of small, bodyshaped incontinence pads and liners.

Attends offers a range of incontinence products to protect you when you lose larger amounts or gushes of urine. These incontinence products fit as well in case you have an urge to go to the toilet but do not always get there on time. In this range you will find among others larger bodyshaped incontinence pads and pull-ons with a absorption degree suitable for moderate incontinence.

Attends Soft Pads: Available in a range of absorption degrees (1-4) for light to moderate protection.
Attends Pull-Ons: Just like normal underwear, with attends Pull-ons you can do whatever you enjoy doing without hesitation. Absorption level 5.

Attends products are tested and approved by proDERM, Institute for Applied Dermatological Research, Hamburg Germany.

Look for Attends Products at all leading pharmacies nationwide.

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