d3® Strapping Tape

d3® Strapping Tape

d3® Strapping Tape

d3® provide quality Sports Strapping Tape that provides maximum support, comfort and reliability. Products in the range include; Rigid, EAB, Madi Edge, Light Rip, Madi Plast, Hypoallergenic, under wraps and Kinesiology tapes.

d3® K6.0 Kinesiology Tape helps to lift the skin allowing increased lymphatic fluid and blood flow to the affected area. This reduces friction and pressure on the damaged tissues and relieves the feeling of pain. Supporting and promoting injury recovery reduces muscle fatigue, encourages increased range of motion and supports better quality muscle contraction. d3® K tape is effective for treating a wide range of problems, not just sports injuries.

The elastic cotton strip and an acrylic adhesive is perfect for treating a variety of injuries and physical disorders, from tennis elbow to pregnancy pain.

d3® R Tape helps provide your joints the strong support they need during high-stress sports activity. This support will cut down on too much joint activity that can lead to injury.

You can use R Tape on your ankles, knees, fingers, shoulders and elbows. It’s often used as an extra wound care bandage to overwrap too.

d3® B Tape is the compression tape that works just as well preventing treating injuries as it does treating them.

Rugby players swear by it as a great thigh support for lineout lifting. It’s also a perfect fixation bandage for padding, knee braces and cold packs. And if your body has already suffered some punishment, you can use d3® B Tape as an effective relief dressing for contusions, sprains and bruising.

d3® C Tape is a revolutionary, strong and elastic cohesive bandage that will stick to itself, but not to other surfaces (including your skin).

Use C Tape on your knees, elbows, shoulders, ankles and thighs or to protect primary dressings. C Tape is also ideal for controlled compression and support.

A range of Foam & Hypo Allergenic Underwrap Tapes are also available providing additional skin protection & Madi edge Elastic Bandages to suit most needs.

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