Sleep Apnoea & Snoring Device

Help for people who suffer from heavy snoring – and their partners. The AVEOtsd® is also proven to treat symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. Easy to use, comfortable and effective. See a NZ News report on this product.

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AVEOtsd® Anti-snoring Aid

Snoring is often caused by a tongue muscle relaxing, falling against the back of the throat and narrowing the airway at the base of the tongue. Air travels faster through the narrowed passage, causing the soft tissues of the throat to vibrate. Snoring is the noise made by that vibration. The AVEOtsd® anti-snoring device is a silicone tongue-stabilising device that gently holds the tongue forward, preventing it from blocking the airway. By keeping the airway open it stops or reduces snori

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Pain is an unpleasant sensation that can be a result of injury, disease or even emotional upset. The management of pain therefore needs to tackle both the physical and psychological aspects of the experience. This can involve a wide range of treatments including: • Medication • Physical therapy and exercise • Stress relief • Relaxation techniques Mentholatum DEEP HEAT can play an important role in pain manage

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